Repeatedly Deported Long Island MS-13 Gang Member Stabs Women and Rapes Baby

Hempstead, New York police say that Tommy Vladim Alvarado-Ventura, 31, an MS-13 gang member who was ordered deported to El Salvador 4 times, was charged with raping a 2 year old baby girl while the girl’s mother was at work. In a five hour span, Alvarado-Ventura then left the home and stabbed a woman outside of a bar, El Mariachi Lounge. When the mother returned from work to discover that her baby had been sexually assaulted, Alvarado-Ventura stabbed the mother.

After the baby began crying, the illegal alien left the home, walked 8 blocks to the bar and followed a woman into the parking lot. There, he brutally beat the woman and repeatedly stabbed her with a knife. The woman is in critical condition according to authorities on Thursday.  The illegal alien then laid in wait back at the Hempstead home and stabbed the mother after she returned from work at about 3:15 AM on Wednesday morning.

Nassau County authorities say that Alvarado-Ventura had been deported to El Salvador 4 times since 2006, but kept coming back.



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