Corrupt, Democratic NJ Supreme Court Justice Lies to ICE and DHS

Corrupt, Democratic NJ Supreme Court Justice Lies to ICE and DHS

The corrupt Chief Justice of New Jersey’s Supreme Court, Stuart Rabner, sent a two page letter yesterday to Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.  The letter urges Kelly to block Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials from arresting illegal aliens as they show up to New Jersey courthouses for their pending criminal cases.

Rabner, a Democrat, made a false statement in his letter to Kelly when he stated that “For years, state courts and corrections officials have cooperated with detainer requests from ICE and other agencies for the surrender of defendants who are held in custody.” New Jersey is home to numerous sanctuary cities which refuse to turn over illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes. That includes New Jersey’s two largest cities: Newark and Jersey City.

The city where Rabner works as a Supreme Court Justice, Trenton, is also a sanctuary city. As is Camden.

Rabner’s full letter can be found at:

We reported several weeks ago that New Jersey officials had refused to report Whendel Stewart, an illegal alien convicted of shooting three Newark police officers, to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Stewart remained in the United States for over 10 years and committed numerous other crimes including sexual assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, and attempted murder.

Rabner, a resident of West Caldwell and a prominent Jewish leader, is simple another dirty New Jersey judge who will do anything to protect illegal aliens. Rabner should be investigated for making false statements to federal officials–a federal crime under Title 18 of the United States Code.


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